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* Amanda G(2011) So You Want to Be an Editor: Information about a career in editing

Retrieved from

2 Summary

According to this article “everyone is editors”, that means the people edit it in everyday life, for example student write class contents in the notebook.

Editors job’s goal is always same: developing effective communications tools between the writer and the reader is editors work, in other word editors are team players to reach a common goal with publishers and designers and so on.

Now web develops, anyone can be an editor, it is necessary for the editor to adapt oneself to a scientific technological change flexibly.

The editor must have passion, will and interest, logicality and a correct judge, besides, it is indispensable to build up within a budget before a time limit.

An editor has two types of freelance and in-house, the freelance editor can make a flexible schedule, In addition, in late years freelance editors are in great demand as companies downsize, but the freelance has an unstable aspect for income and quantity of the work.

Many editors have a university degree, and there are many people who underwent the publication program of the university.

3 Assessment

This article is useful. It is written for this article that I resemble two articles that I read so far in the work contents of the editor and a necessary qualification.

However, I cannot say that the incomes are useful because this article is a Canadian thing.

think that there is the reliability because it is the article that a real editor writes.

4 Reflection

This article related to my questions. I learned I must undergo a publish program to become an editor, and my second question is “What is difference in work condition between major publish company and small one. This article is not written about direct answer, but I understand about freelance type and in-house type.


1 Reference

AGCA Seditors (2016)Magazine features editor job profile

Retrieved from

2 Summary

The editor is work to guarantee publication is attractive.

The typical work of items is listed in this article for example the layout, proofreading all pages and participate in an even and so on.

This article is written about an editor in detail for example, about typical salary, a qualification and ability for get job opportunities, and common working hours, gender balance, dress code and so on.

The salary will depend on the responsibilities of the role and the size and type of publication, so if start by a low wage with a lot of experience you may gain higher wage,

To help work ability is such as a photograph, graduate school and the second language.

A 9am to 5pm day is common working hours and occasional late nights to meet deadline.

This article expect that an online article becomes mainstream in future and the major publication company cooperates with various companies.

In conclusion the first experience of journalism you are likely to get is with a student newspaper or with a free local paper or magazine,

3 Assessment

This article is very useful, I read 4 articles, then I learned about the work called the editor in roughness, and I read this article, I deepened understanding about that, because this article is written to a detailed part of the work called the editor . And this article is reliable because which is written to be concretely.

Goal of this article is to enter the major publishing company

At first it is to acquire experience in free paper.

4 Reflection

This article related to my research, I want to know about an editor’s job contents.

It is not abstract and may be answered the answer to question concretely, if I take this article into account.



1 Reference

Shueisya Person in charge of reader(2008)SHUEISHA Inc. Retrieved from

2 Summary

First write about Shueisha’ s company profile, foundation, business activities, representative, employees, CSR activities, and related companies.

Shueisha established August 1926, Marue Horiuchi is representative 754 people work at here. And Shueisha doing some CSR activity, also doing four fields business activity these are comics, magazines books and digital.

Next write about four fields that Shueisha performs, these are comics magazines books and digital.

First field comics there are many comics for girls and for boys both and publishes it for example “Ribon” and “Weekly shonen jump”.

Second field is magazine, female oriented; male oriented; publish it widely like a “Seventeen” and “Play boy” is so.

The third field book is very big for Shueisha, published vast quantity books.

Last field digital, like a “” is that field, a portal site covering content on Shueisha’s information, and content samples.

Furthermore Shueisha pays more attention overseas foe example “Manga” has become a word that symbolizes Japanese culture. Shueisha publishes a wide range of manga such as “DRAGON BALL,” these manga are loved by many fans all over the globe.

3 Assessment

I learned about an editor’s work but I didn’t understand major company condition, so this article is very useful for me,

This article is certainly trust it, because this page is Syueisya’s home page.

Goal of this article to understand the profile of the major publication company

and understand what they do.
In addition, be interested in Shueisha.

4 Reflection

This article is related closely to my second question, my second question is “What is the difference in work condition between major publishing company and small one.”

I learned the data of the major company, it is keyword for Condition of the major company, so this page help my question.


Lesson20 Annotated Bibliography

1 Reference

How to become com(2016). How to Become an Editor Retrieved from

2 Summary

This article informs about” how to become an editor”, according to the author most editors do not receive special education and training, also there are no certification or licensure requirements to work as an editor.  But some degree become the key making a good start for a career as an editor.

On the other hand, some colleges and universities offer program in editing and publishing. Student can choose the course along their interest.

And another effective method to become an editor is completing internships in magazines and publishing houses. Internship has two good point, first is able to learn about the business from inside, second may be able to get a job.

3 Assessment

I posed two question in proposal writing, this article helps the first question solution, the question is “What do I need to do to become an editor ?”

I think the article is reliable because this article data collected from the National Center for Education Statistics, and many experts are engaged in this article.

A goal of this article is that it is effective to work as an intern to become an editor.

4 Reflection

This article related about Method to become an editor.

According to this article, my question’s answer is qualification and the education are not necessary, to work as an intern and to contact with an editor are effective to become an editor.


1 Reference

Beth H.(2011,Feb)Duties of an Editor&How Editors Help Writers (111). Retrieved from

2 Summary

Editor’s job cut the part which is not necessary and pick up an important place, check of spelling and the grammar, a layout or the setting of the entry and so on. The editing takes several years from several minutes, Editing is to make the best thing in limited time.

Many types exist among editors, some editors exist in the editing stage for example proofreader is the last person to check a manuscript before publication.

Ten editors of the type are written for the article, and they take a different role each, for instance “Nonfiction editor” will help a writer for greatest impact. They work on editing from the small place to a main part, and not only check of the mistake but also check whether it is an appropriate amount and whether an article has consistency.

The editor adds a skill and the knowledge that a writer does not have toward a work while respecting the opinion of the writer, who thinks at the same time in a reader glance a readability and clarity, the best thing is made in this way.

3 Assessment

This article is an answer to question “What do editors do?”, I understood Editor’s job is really various, but the reliability of this article is maybe low in comparison with the first article, because this article written by one person, and this article is his blog, Still I think that I am reliable so it is persuasive and is written in detail.

This article’s goal Having you know what the work of the editor is.

4 Reflection

This article related my question, when I read this article I knew an editor did what kind of work, so this article help my answer research question. And also I learned editors have great eye for detail, a strong vocabulary, and knowledge of odd grammar rule, the skill that these are indispensable for an editor, it is necessary for me to polish these skills to become a variety person.

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Future Career


I want to become an editor.

When I was high school students I start to think of having this professional career.

To begin with, since I was a little I really like read magazine and book. I often read a book in break time when I was elementary school student.

I especially like book with an illustration or photo, such as “Cotrip”.

By the way I have 5 cousins and one of my cousin entered the small production company , she likes read books too.

She liked liquor and published one book about the liquor in that company, then I read the book, It was very attractive for me, I wanted to publish some book too, If I publish my book maybe it is about my favorite Disney. So existence of my cousin is one of factors affect my decision.

On the other hand, I have had such an experience.

I do many SNS and I have the account of the Instagram , I often posted on Instagram many things.

This spring I posted a new product of Lindt which called “Hello chocolate” , then I got comment in this article from an editor. The contents of the comment is “This photo is really good, I want this photo on my article may I use it?” This comment makes me happy and I admitted it. If I can become an editor I want to use many pictures taken by me.

This episode also factors affect my decision.

Through these processes I think I want to become an editor.

About my future

I’m a second year university student, I have two more years before I graduate from Aoyama Gakuin Univercity.

But from the another point, I have only two years until graduation, and third year university students start job hunting activities.

So I think that I should look myself, I want to know my strength point and weak point for in two years maybe it is useful for job hunting activities.

I have something to want to become, I am interested in three field now.

First is the occupation of producing films or television shows, I feel a strong attraction to work in a TV station such as Nihon TV, Fuji TV and so on, Watching TV is a lot of fun for me.In this summer I took in Internship of Fuji TV, I listened to some TV director’s talk, the 1day internship was a very good experience.

Second is the occupation of editing of the magazine, I read a lot fashion magazine like a “nonno” and “cancam” fashion magazine is like a bible for girls. I want to edit these magazines.

Last one is that I work for Oriental land, this is one of my dream since I was child.

I crazy about Disney, so I would like to be involved in a job that has something to do with Disney.

I am not going to study in the Mater’s program at Aoyama Gakuin University also another university.

If I have a lot of money I want to study abroad, because I have experience studying abroad in Florida for three weeks when I was high school student, at the time I learned the fun of speaking English. That became a precious experience to me, so I want to study abroad again.

I want work somewhere in Japan, because I love Japan, so I think that I don’t want to leave Japan.

Lesson12:Business and English

Many people knows that” English is a world official language”.

In japan,there are large corporation such a Uniqlo and Sony corporation are decided that makes English as an internal official language.

In recent years the world accomplishes globalization rapidly,an overseas shop goes ashore one after another in Japan.In late years I see many foreigners in Japan,”Bakugai”of the Chinese traveler attracted attention in last year.

Accordingly, now we must be able to speak English, so English education of the elementary school advancestoo.

In additionbusiness is affected by globalization.As for Starbuck,Starbucks is one of the most global companies.First of all the place of Starbucks’s headquarter is Seattle in America. Starbucks is american company.

I think English is indispensable to succeed in Starbucks worldwide, because of I studied some business strategies, and there are need English, I explain that.

First strategy is “glocal” Starbucks search each culture and peculiarity, even if Starbucks doesn’t understand English,Starbucks can not perform a strategy in accord with a shop.

And I need brush up employees English ability. because when foreign people come to the store, if employees doesn’t understand English,maybe employees couldn’t offer good service and doesn’t give the Starbucks experience.”Starbucks experience”is one of the important Starbucks strategy.

Starbucks uses it mainly on coffee beans from Latin America,Of course English is necessary for the trade.

This is why, I think that business and english relation is very important,In the particularly global big company.










Lesson 11:Synthesis.

We decided to look for a  Starbucks’s unique strategy.

Through an  seven article about  Starbucks, then some common points were found.

The first strategy is “Glocal“. It’s means both local and global .Starbucks performed strategy  along each area,for exampleI read Singapore and an Indian thing.

One of the reason why Starbucks succeeds globally.

The next unique strategy “Third place”

First of all A home is the first place, and the workplace is said to be second place.

The meaning of the third place is between home and the workplace, It is the place that can regain a quality of oneself.

Starbucks wants to be such a place, so the sale of the coffee is to be only the means for becoming third place.

The space that can be relaxed,The atmosphere of the store becomes the important element.

Indirect lightingsoft and fluffy sofaBGM which can be spacious are the making of atmosphere.

Other strategy  is “Starbucks Experience”.

Starbucks is not only provide expensive a expensive beverage, but also provide high quality service for their customer.

For example, Starbucks unique service is write down customer’s name on drink cup.

People can experience drinking with good service at Starbucks, it is called “Starbucks Experience”.

From last article we learned about advertising.

How to use advertising of Starbucks.

Starbucks don’t use TV cm. It can be said that really unique strategy.

Starbucks use social media advertising instead.

It is produced a lot of profit at low cost.

The above mentioned items are Starbucks unique strategies.

That is synthesis about   we learned from seven articles about Starbucks.




1 Reference


2 Summary  

First of all written Starbucks company mission statement , It is “to inspire and nurture the human spirit one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time”

Starbucks home of the United States where is a  large amount of coffee consuming countries,so there is a large market for Starbucks,From the results of analysis of the Starbucks products,from now on in addition to the coffee,alcohol products and Tea in the United Kingdom hopes getting appear.

So Howard Schults who is a Stabucks CEO was classified 8th best in America CEO for making profit.

Starbucks performing an STP analysis, Based on it core marketing.In detail Starbucks’s positioning is high quality,chain store.By analysis Starbucks customers are seen to be want the things of good paying a high price quality.High quality products satisfactory is remember to customers,then Starbucks has some unique ideas in addition to the enhancement of quality in order to answer it .for instance customer’s name  written on the cup.and to differentiate themselves with others in the cozy store making.

Starbucks is able to human contact in store experience.Starbucks uch as is thorough to the needs of the customer.and do product management,customer management and branding management .

Other strategy, Starbucks selling food,beverage and original goods such as mug,It is possible to connect to the next purchase by selling a mug.However ,the too expensive products  of Starbucks is a bad reputation in China

Do not use advertising , such as television and radio.Instead of use sns such Twitter and Facebook. In  Facebook Starbucks account is  the  5 th most “liked” page at in the world , has an enormous amount of followers in Twitter , with a great deal of influence,The other also has a  my Starbucks web site.But Starbucks is committed to a strategy ,do not overkill .Because persistent solicitation is  the reversed effect of profit increase for customers.

Employees receive education so that rapid response can be taken when a problem occurs.further more to the implementation of eco -friendly design by the Fair Trade.Leading to the appeal of it is also eco-friendly Starbucks doing  recycle.

Starbucks is in addition to the different from the others is not only consider to  such internal analysis but also considered external aspects, in the coffee producing areas that are take into account that the working children.

There is a royalty in one of Starbucks strategy .Create customer satisfaction from the goods and services bought and pursuit of customer loyalty ,then fans support the products , and becoming  strengthen the brand  power.This means that customer loyalty is linked to the future of the profit,as mother went with his children also drink If you take Starbucks.

Next one is Starbucks “Logo”It is a personality is a brand of symbolism . Customer has serves to brand and link to look at the logo . While Starbucks logo is basic does not change but  the first is carried out in more and more simple things that had to put up products  names in addition to the brand name .

nowadays change the CSR for CSV.

In this way Starbucks has done a variety of unique strategy for a wide range of worldwide customer.

3 Assessment 

This article really easy to read,Although the amount of the page are many , easy to understand by a lot of Fig.such as segmentation and positioning,logo mark SWAT analysis

Particularly noteworthy thing that has been written in detail about the promotion of the Starbucks in the article . In our group , We have read some of the articles so far , about 4p is the basis of marketing had become clear little by little . It was found that Starbucks 4p in that it was found is one promotion of this 4p.

We have been so much written about the “glocal “that have been touched often until now ,  but there is no about that, but instead written a little bit about the Starbucks of the negative image in this article.

4 Reflection

I think  many figures in this article are  very  available. 

I think  if we found article about  the negative aspects of Starbucks like written this article, At a deeper content than our group can be presentation.

In addition , Starbucks has been found not to spend money on advertising costs , such as television and radio in the article . Or they are using to where the money , I want to examine and whether the employee education costs are.

I think that by all means want to use this article, because it very clearly necessary has been written.