Final Draft



1-1 Purpose of this research

First of all, my professional career is to become an editor.

Since I was child, I like making a scrapbook, the scrapbook filled with my favorite things for example a movie and cake, my favorite model
 and so on, it was my treasure of childhood for me the I become interested about an editor.

My purpose of this individual research project is to understand what kind of work an editor in detail.

Actually I don’t know much about editor yet, so if I can understand the job of an editor properly, I can determine whether an editor is good for my professional career.

1-2 Why it is important

In many cases, the job hunting begins with a second year college student in Japan.

Therefore I know what I should do what one’s interesting occupation is, and it is necessary to comprise it, now of a second grader having a lot of time.

So it may be said that this project is important.

1-3 Research Questions

I have two research questions, first is “What do I need to do to become an editor.”

Second is “What is the difference in work condition between Syueisya and Kodansya”.


2-1 Data collection

I collected five articles from an internet.

I searched the keyword such as ”an editor” and ”the qualification” and chose the article that had high reliability.

And I checked the homepage of Kodansya and Syueisya because I considered to be the most famous about each company.

2-2 Data Analysis

The work contents of the editor and a qualification to become are described in three first articles, therefore these articles are usable to lead the answer to the first research question.

In addition, it may be said that the qualifications that I repeat by three articles, so these article  are higher in reliability.

Two remainder is each homepage where Syueisya is written as Kodansha, at first understand the characteristic of each company, and compare them next.


3-1 Research Question 1 

What do I need to do to become an editor.

There are three necessary things.

At first graduate from fourth grader University. now I am in Aoyama Gakuin University,

I take a unit well as it is, and graduate in four years.

Second go to the technical school which can learn editing, however, in the case of the United States and Canada, it does not have such a school  in Japan.

Therefore I study it by myself about one’s field interesting in particular, and it is necessary to forge the vocabulary, for example I touch a lot the printing type, which is indispensable to editing.

last one is starting part-time job at the publishing company, in many case publishing companies do not perform internship, therefore It is a shortcut to finding employment to work part-time.

3-2 Research Question2 :

What is the difference in work condition between Kodansya and Syueisya.

Difference point and similar point of “Kodansya” and “Syueisya”.

First of all “Kodansya” and “Syueisya” are the most popular publication company in Japan. Each company’s brief company profile is this, Kodansya was established 1909, there are 900 employees. On another hand Syueisya was established 1926, there are 750 employees.

And then look these company similar point. First is these are very difficult to enter the company. It is the applicant more than 10,000 in the primary interview, but the adoption number of people of Kodansha is only 10 people in this year, and Syueisya’s freshman also only twelve people, in other words magnification is 1,000 times.

Second similar point Entering a company qualification, fourth grader graduation from university is necessary for both companies, however, there is not the particularly required qualification other than it.

Third similar point is welfare program is substantial, Kodansha bears an expense rent and expense of the house, assistance to nursing-care cost, educational expenses of the employee.

Syueisya supports marriage and delivery carefully, both a man and the woman can take a maternity leave.

I think these environment that are easy to act is related to the lower quitting a job rate.

Last similar point is both company do not perform internship.

Next write about different point, first is company’s atmosphere, in Shueisha has many club activity, in the company employee can spend the off time happily there, Kodansya does not have it.

And second one, time of the employee training, Shueisha performs the new employee training after entering a company immediately, a period is two months. That improve basics power as the member of society and main event includes a camp.

On the other hand, Kodansha performs the training in the entering a company third year. There is an advantage to know what you should really do by performing it in the third year.


4-1 English & Career Development

In late year “Smart phones” have spread through the market, it becomes one of the factors, and the sale of the paper medium decreases.As for the sales of the publication, 1996 was a peak, thereafter, the sales of the publication decrease every year, it is said to be “publication recession” now.

On the other hand, including iBook, the field of the electronic book grows up remarkably, the person reads various information by an electronic article, I often use “MERY” too, the electronic book has an advantage to be readable suddenly at free time like a movement time. An animated cartoon and the comics that are one of the Japanese culture in particular are made an electronic book, and it is loved by the person of every country “Doraemon”, “attack on titan” and so on.

People of the world can read an article shown by the Internet, of course an article written in English than an article written in Japanese will be read by more people, that will increase at an opportunity of the work if I can write an article in English.

In addition, it is necessary for the editor to know various information to write an article, if I can read an article written in English I can collect much information, it will be help work absolutely.

In work of the editing, I may interview a person who speaking English, in that case make a great difference, when I ask an interpreter or when I am able to communicate in English, in efficiency and an understanding degree of the work.

By the last article, when I compared “Kodansha” with “Shueisha”, I understood that the special English qualification required neither company, however, I think that the English acquisition is essential to become an editor working by a future publishing trade.

4-2 Two years plan for future career

I write about doing to become an editor divide it into three steps.

The first stage at the age of a second grader.

The first is take an entrance examination of TOEIC, I have not yet taken TOEIC, but I knew how command of English was important from the last article, but I have weak point awareness for English, so I took a lot of English classes this year when I could overcome English even a little.

It is necessary for me to know one’s command of English, therefore I take an entrance examination for the TOEIC.

The second thing that I should do is to play, the fourth grader who finished job hunting says with mouths together “you should a lot of play”, the senior says that experience and the acquaintances whom I met there help job hunting, therefore I play among second graders and have various experiences and want to build the wide interchange relations.

The second stage at the age of a junior.

First thing is internship, I participated in internship of Fuji TV, the intern thinks that it is the first shortcut knowing the company.

However, Shueisha and Kodansha do not perform internship, therefore I should direct negotiations.

I have a friends who performing internship in publisher, she negotiated directly and caught the opportunity, so I move like her positively, too.

In addition, I want to strengthen the command of English as well as a second grader, the aim is 600 points, it is not high at all, but a general company clears a standard to find.

The third stage at the age of a senior, should perform is a company research, I ascertain the publishing company which is suitable for oneself and understand what is demanded,

In addition, getting ready to hasten entry sheet early or the information exchange with the friend are necessary.

4-3 Summary of this research project

I was able to see that there should be the sophomore by this project.
I train command of English, a vocabulary to become an editor and join to intern or work part-time concerned with editing. Actually I have the occupation that I want to get elsewhere in the future. Therefore I thought that it was necessary to deepen investigation understanding about the type of job with the interest other than the editing.


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