Lesson24; Plans for future career

I write about doing to become an editor divide it into three steps.

The first stage at the age of a second grader.

The first is take an entrance examination of TOEIC, I have not yet taken TOEIC, but I knew how command of English was important from the last article, but I have weak point awareness for English, so I took a lot of English classes this year when I could overcome English even a little.

It is necessary for me to know one’s command of English, therefore I take an entrance examination for the TOEIC.

The second thing that I should do is to play, the fourth grader who finished job hunting says with mouths together “you should a lot of play”, the senior says that experience and the acquaintances whom I met there help job hunting, therefore I play among second graders and have various experiences and want to build the wide interchange relations.

The second stage at the age of a junior.

First thing is internship, I participated in internship of Fuji TV, the intern thinks that it is the first shortcut knowing the company.

However, Shueisha and Kodansha do not perform internship, therefore I should direct negotiations.

I have a friends who performing internship in publisher, she negotiated directly and caught the opportunity, so I move like her positively, too.

In addition, I want to strengthen the command of English as well as a second grader, the aim is 600 points, it is not high at all, but a general company clears a standard to find.

The third stage at the age of a senior, should perform is a company research, I ascertain the publishing company which is suitable for oneself and understand what is demanded,

In addition, getting ready to hasten entry sheet early or the information exchange with the friend are necessary.


One thought on “Lesson24; Plans for future career

  1. Glad to know that you can successfully upload your entry this week. I think that you should try your best to mark over 730 points on TOEIC although the company does not say anything about English skills. Challenge yourself and I think you can do it. —Atsushi


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