In late year “Smart phones” have spread through the market, it becomes one of the factors, and the sale of the paper medium decreases.As for the sales of the publication, 1996 was a peak, thereafter, the sales of the publication decrease every year, it is said to be “publication recession” now.
On the other hand, including iBook, the field of the electronic book grows up remarkably, the person reads various information by an electronic article, I often use “MERY” too, the electronic book has an advantage to be readable suddenly at free time like a movement time.An animated cartoon and the comics that are one of the Japanese culture in particular are made an electronic book, and it is loved by the person of every country“Doraemon”, “attack on titan” and so on.
 People of the world can read an article shown by the Internet, of course an article written in English than an article written in Japanese will be read by more people, that will increase at an opportunity of the work if I can write an article in English.
 In addition, it is necessary for the editor to know various information to write an article, if I can read an article written in English I can collect much information, it will be help work absolutely.
In work of the editing, I may interview a person who speaking English, in that case make a great difference, when I ask an interpreter or when I am able to communicate in English, in efficiency and an understanding degree of the work.
 By the last article, when I compared “Kodansha” with “Shueisha”, I understood that the special English qualification required neither company, however, I think that the English acquisition is essential to become an editor working by a future publishing trade.


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