Lesson22: Research Findings (1)

Today’s blog write about difference point and similar point of “Kodansya” and “Syueisya”.

First of all “Kodansya” and “Syueisya” are the most popular publication company in Japan. Each company’s brief company profile is this, Kodansya was established 1909, there are 900 employees

On another hand Syueisya was established 1926, there are 750 employees.

And then look these company similar point. First is these are very difficult to enter the company, It is the applicant more than 10,000 in the primary interview, but the adoption number of people of Kodansha is only ten people in this year, and Syueisya’s freshman also also only twelve people, In other words magnification is 1,000 times.

Second similar point Entering a company qualification, fourth grader graduation from university is necessary for both companies, however, there is not the particularly required qualification other than it.

Third similar point is welfare program is substantial, Kodansha bears an expense rent and expense of the house, assistance to nursing-care cost, educational expenses of the employee.

Syueisya supports marriage and delivery carefully, both a man and the woman can take a maternity leave.

I think these environment that are easy to act is related to the lower quitting a job rate.

Last similar point is both company do not perform internship.

Next write about different point, first is company’s atmosphere, in Shueisha has many club activity, in the company employee can spend the off time happily there, Kodansya does not have it.

And second one, time of the employee training, Shueisha performs the new employee training after entering a company immediately, a period is two months. That improve basics power as the member of society and main event includes a camp.

On the other hand, Kodansha performs the training in the entering a company third year. There is an advantage to know what you should really do by performing it in the third year.


result from http://www.kodansha.co.jp


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