Lesson20 Annotated Bibliography

1 Reference

How to become com(2016). How to Become an Editor Retrieved from http://www.howtobecome.com/how-to-become-an-editor

2 Summary

This article informs about” how to become an editor”, according to the author most editors do not receive special education and training, also there are no certification or licensure requirements to work as an editor.  But some degree become the key making a good start for a career as an editor.

On the other hand, some colleges and universities offer program in editing and publishing. Student can choose the course along their interest.

And another effective method to become an editor is completing internships in magazines and publishing houses. Internship has two good point, first is able to learn about the business from inside, second may be able to get a job.

3 Assessment

I posed two question in proposal writing, this article helps the first question solution, the question is “What do I need to do to become an editor ?”

I think the article is reliable because this article data collected from the National Center for Education Statistics, and many experts are engaged in this article.

A goal of this article is that it is effective to work as an intern to become an editor.

4 Reflection

This article related about Method to become an editor.

According to this article, my question’s answer is qualification and the education are not necessary, to work as an intern and to contact with an editor are effective to become an editor.


1 Reference

Beth H.(2011,Feb)Duties of an Editor&How Editors Help Writers (111). Retrieved from http://theeditorsblog.net/2011/02/01/duties-of-an-editor-how-editors-help-writers/

2 Summary

Editor’s job cut the part which is not necessary and pick up an important place, check of spelling and the grammar, a layout or the setting of the entry and so on. The editing takes several years from several minutes, Editing is to make the best thing in limited time.

Many types exist among editors, some editors exist in the editing stage for example proofreader is the last person to check a manuscript before publication.

Ten editors of the type are written for the article, and they take a different role each, for instance “Nonfiction editor” will help a writer for greatest impact. They work on editing from the small place to a main part, and not only check of the mistake but also check whether it is an appropriate amount and whether an article has consistency.

The editor adds a skill and the knowledge that a writer does not have toward a work while respecting the opinion of the writer, who thinks at the same time in a reader glance a readability and clarity, the best thing is made in this way.

3 Assessment

This article is an answer to question “What do editors do?”, I understood Editor’s job is really various, but the reliability of this article is maybe low in comparison with the first article, because this article written by one person, and this article is his blog, Still I think that I am reliable so it is persuasive and is written in detail.

This article’s goal Having you know what the work of the editor is.

4 Reflection

This article related my question, when I read this article I knew an editor did what kind of work, so this article help my answer research question. And also I learned editors have great eye for detail, a strong vocabulary, and knowledge of odd grammar rule, the skill that these are indispensable for an editor, it is necessary for me to polish these skills to become a variety person.


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