Future Career


I want to become an editor.

When I was high school students I start to think of having this professional career.

To begin with, since I was a little I really like read magazine and book. I often read a book in break time when I was elementary school student.

I especially like book with an illustration or photo, such as “Cotrip”.

By the way I have 5 cousins and one of my cousin entered the small production company , she likes read books too.

She liked liquor and published one book about the liquor in that company, then I read the book, It was very attractive for me, I wanted to publish some book too, If I publish my book maybe it is about my favorite Disney. So existence of my cousin is one of factors affect my decision.

On the other hand, I have had such an experience.

I do many SNS and I have the account of the Instagram , I often posted on Instagram many things.

This spring I posted a new product of Lindt which called “Hello chocolate” , then I got comment in this article from an editor. The contents of the comment is “This photo is really good, I want this photo on my article may I use it?” This comment makes me happy and I admitted it. If I can become an editor I want to use many pictures taken by me.

This episode also factors affect my decision.

Through these processes I think I want to become an editor.


About my future

I’m a second year university student, I have two more years before I graduate from Aoyama Gakuin Univercity.

But from the another point, I have only two years until graduation, and third year university students start job hunting activities.

So I think that I should look myself, I want to know my strength point and weak point for in two years maybe it is useful for job hunting activities.

I have something to want to become, I am interested in three field now.

First is the occupation of producing films or television shows, I feel a strong attraction to work in a TV station such as Nihon TV, Fuji TV and so on, Watching TV is a lot of fun for me.In this summer I took in Internship of Fuji TV, I listened to some TV director’s talk, the 1day internship was a very good experience.

Second is the occupation of editing of the magazine, I read a lot fashion magazine like a “nonno” and “cancam” fashion magazine is like a bible for girls. I want to edit these magazines.

Last one is that I work for Oriental land, this is one of my dream since I was child.

I crazy about Disney, so I would like to be involved in a job that has something to do with Disney.

I am not going to study in the Mater’s program at Aoyama Gakuin University also another university.

If I have a lot of money I want to study abroad, because I have experience studying abroad in Florida for three weeks when I was high school student, at the time I learned the fun of speaking English. That became a precious experience to me, so I want to study abroad again.

I want work somewhere in Japan, because I love Japan, so I think that I don’t want to leave Japan.