Lesson12:Business and English

Many people knows that” English is a world official language”.

In japan,there are large corporation such a Uniqlo and Sony corporation are decided that makes English as an internal official language.

In recent years the world accomplishes globalization rapidly,an overseas shop goes ashore one after another in Japan.In late years I see many foreigners in Japan,”Bakugai”of the Chinese traveler attracted attention in last year.

Accordingly, now we must be able to speak English, so English education of the elementary school advancestoo.

In additionbusiness is affected by globalization.As for Starbuck,Starbucks is one of the most global companies.First of all the place of Starbucks’s headquarter is Seattle in America. Starbucks is american company.

I think English is indispensable to succeed in Starbucks worldwide, because of I studied some business strategies, and there are need English, I explain that.

First strategy is “glocal” Starbucks search each culture and peculiarity, even if Starbucks doesn’t understand English,Starbucks can not perform a strategy in accord with a shop.

And I need brush up employees English ability. because when foreign people come to the store, if employees doesn’t understand English,maybe employees couldn’t offer good service and doesn’t give the Starbucks experience.”Starbucks experience”is one of the important Starbucks strategy.

Starbucks uses it mainly on coffee beans from Latin America,Of course English is necessary for the trade.

This is why, I think that business and english relation is very important,In the particularly global big company.











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