Lesson 11:Synthesis.

We decided to look for a  Starbucks’s unique strategy.

Through an  seven article about  Starbucks, then some common points were found.

The first strategy is “Glocal“. It’s means both local and global .Starbucks performed strategy  along each area,for exampleI read Singapore and an Indian thing.

One of the reason why Starbucks succeeds globally.

The next unique strategy “Third place”

First of all A home is the first place, and the workplace is said to be second place.

The meaning of the third place is between home and the workplace, It is the place that can regain a quality of oneself.

Starbucks wants to be such a place, so the sale of the coffee is to be only the means for becoming third place.

The space that can be relaxed,The atmosphere of the store becomes the important element.

Indirect lightingsoft and fluffy sofaBGM which can be spacious are the making of atmosphere.

Other strategy  is “Starbucks Experience”.

Starbucks is not only provide expensive a expensive beverage, but also provide high quality service for their customer.

For example, Starbucks unique service is write down customer’s name on drink cup.

People can experience drinking with good service at Starbucks, it is called “Starbucks Experience”.

From last article we learned about advertising.

How to use advertising of Starbucks.

Starbucks don’t use TV cm. It can be said that really unique strategy.

Starbucks use social media advertising instead.

It is produced a lot of profit at low cost.

The above mentioned items are Starbucks unique strategies.

That is synthesis about   we learned from seven articles about Starbucks.




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