Lesson12:Business and English

Many people knows that” English is a world official language”.

In japan,there are large corporation such a Uniqlo and Sony corporation are decided that makes English as an internal official language.

In recent years the world accomplishes globalization rapidly,an overseas shop goes ashore one after another in Japan.In late years I see many foreigners in Japan,”Bakugai”of the Chinese traveler attracted attention in last year.

Accordingly, now we must be able to speak English, so English education of the elementary school advancestoo.

In additionbusiness is affected by globalization.As for Starbuck,Starbucks is one of the most global companies.First of all the place of Starbucks’s headquarter is Seattle in America. Starbucks is american company.

I think English is indispensable to succeed in Starbucks worldwide, because of I studied some business strategies, and there are need English, I explain that.

First strategy is “glocal” Starbucks search each culture and peculiarity, even if Starbucks doesn’t understand English,Starbucks can not perform a strategy in accord with a shop.

And I need brush up employees English ability. because when foreign people come to the store, if employees doesn’t understand English,maybe employees couldn’t offer good service and doesn’t give the Starbucks experience.”Starbucks experience”is one of the important Starbucks strategy.

Starbucks uses it mainly on coffee beans from Latin America,Of course English is necessary for the trade.

This is why, I think that business and english relation is very important,In the particularly global big company.











Lesson 11:Synthesis.

We decided to look for a  Starbucks’s unique strategy.

Through an  seven article about  Starbucks, then some common points were found.

The first strategy is “Glocal“. It’s means both local and global .Starbucks performed strategy  along each area,for exampleI read Singapore and an Indian thing.

One of the reason why Starbucks succeeds globally.

The next unique strategy “Third place”

First of all A home is the first place, and the workplace is said to be second place.

The meaning of the third place is between home and the workplace, It is the place that can regain a quality of oneself.

Starbucks wants to be such a place, so the sale of the coffee is to be only the means for becoming third place.

The space that can be relaxed,The atmosphere of the store becomes the important element.

Indirect lightingsoft and fluffy sofaBGM which can be spacious are the making of atmosphere.

Other strategy  is “Starbucks Experience”.

Starbucks is not only provide expensive a expensive beverage, but also provide high quality service for their customer.

For example, Starbucks unique service is write down customer’s name on drink cup.

People can experience drinking with good service at Starbucks, it is called “Starbucks Experience”.

From last article we learned about advertising.

How to use advertising of Starbucks.

Starbucks don’t use TV cm. It can be said that really unique strategy.

Starbucks use social media advertising instead.

It is produced a lot of profit at low cost.

The above mentioned items are Starbucks unique strategies.

That is synthesis about   we learned from seven articles about Starbucks.




1 Reference


2 Summary  

First of all written Starbucks company mission statement , It is “to inspire and nurture the human spirit one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time”

Starbucks home of the United States where is a  large amount of coffee consuming countries,so there is a large market for Starbucks,From the results of analysis of the Starbucks products,from now on in addition to the coffee,alcohol products and Tea in the United Kingdom hopes getting appear.

So Howard Schults who is a Stabucks CEO was classified 8th best in America CEO for making profit.

Starbucks performing an STP analysis, Based on it core marketing.In detail Starbucks’s positioning is high quality,chain store.By analysis Starbucks customers are seen to be want the things of good paying a high price quality.High quality products satisfactory is remember to customers,then Starbucks has some unique ideas in addition to the enhancement of quality in order to answer it .for instance customer’s name  written on the cup.and to differentiate themselves with others in the cozy store making.

Starbucks is able to human contact in store experience.Starbucks uch as is thorough to the needs of the customer.and do product management,customer management and branding management .

Other strategy, Starbucks selling food,beverage and original goods such as mug,It is possible to connect to the next purchase by selling a mug.However ,the too expensive products  of Starbucks is a bad reputation in China

Do not use advertising , such as television and radio.Instead of use sns such Twitter and Facebook. In  Facebook Starbucks account is  the  5 th most “liked” page at in the world , has an enormous amount of followers in Twitter , with a great deal of influence,The other also has a  my Starbucks web site.But Starbucks is committed to a strategy ,do not overkill .Because persistent solicitation is  the reversed effect of profit increase for customers.

Employees receive education so that rapid response can be taken when a problem occurs.further more to the implementation of eco -friendly design by the Fair Trade.Leading to the appeal of it is also eco-friendly Starbucks doing  recycle.

Starbucks is in addition to the different from the others is not only consider to  such internal analysis but also considered external aspects, in the coffee producing areas that are take into account that the working children.

There is a royalty in one of Starbucks strategy .Create customer satisfaction from the goods and services bought and pursuit of customer loyalty ,then fans support the products , and becoming  strengthen the brand  power.This means that customer loyalty is linked to the future of the profit,as mother went with his children also drink If you take Starbucks.

Next one is Starbucks “Logo”It is a personality is a brand of symbolism . Customer has serves to brand and link to look at the logo . While Starbucks logo is basic does not change but  the first is carried out in more and more simple things that had to put up products  names in addition to the brand name .

nowadays change the CSR for CSV.

In this way Starbucks has done a variety of unique strategy for a wide range of worldwide customer.

3 Assessment 

This article really easy to read,Although the amount of the page are many , easy to understand by a lot of Fig.such as segmentation and positioning,logo mark SWAT analysis

Particularly noteworthy thing that has been written in detail about the promotion of the Starbucks in the article . In our group , We have read some of the articles so far , about 4p is the basis of marketing had become clear little by little . It was found that Starbucks 4p in that it was found is one promotion of this 4p.

We have been so much written about the “glocal “that have been touched often until now ,  but there is no about that, but instead written a little bit about the Starbucks of the negative image in this article.

4 Reflection

I think  many figures in this article are  very  available. 

I think  if we found article about  the negative aspects of Starbucks like written this article, At a deeper content than our group can be presentation.

In addition , Starbucks has been found not to spend money on advertising costs , such as television and radio in the article . Or they are using to where the money , I want to examine and whether the employee education costs are.

I think that by all means want to use this article, because it very clearly necessary has been written.