Lesson8:Annotated bibliography4

1 Reference

J.Marques,&A.A Camillo,S.Holt(2015)Handbook of Research on Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibilities chapter14 The StarbucksCulture:Responsible,Radical innovation in anlrresponsible,Incremental World PP302~310


2 Summary  

First of all write about abstract,Starbucks Corporation has 18000stores world wide,after a successful expansion into China, now Starbucks moving into India.

Second paragraph write about Coffee Operation,Coffee business is big business in human history.The Starbucks induce new  demand at price that are  unmatched in the beverage industry.One of the Starbucks bar is a successful model.want to note is Starbucks has managed to keep society responsible.The results of such a thing Starbucks has become best company to work for,but there is also the ranking has dropped.also read that to cherish the employee,for instance “it gives work all its employees who work more than 20 hours a week stock opinions and healthcare benefit”(p303)

Third  paragraph  write about Competitive Market,Starbucks bear in mind become excellent performance and quickly,and Starbucks is most innovative company and valuable brands in recent year. one type of strategy is selling alcoholic beverage,However, this method was not able to satisfy the customer’s favorite coffee. Company’s management work place,this is one of the most important strategy.

Force paragraph  write about Educated workforce,Starbucks is focusing on education of employee,As part of Starbucks’s CEO established partnership with University.this connection born high level education for employees,and they are generally excited about program. 

In the 5 paragraph write to Help unemployment problem.Starbucks’s CEO helps solve economic problems,For example supporting  campaign called “create jobs for USA”and Collaboration with various struggling companies.

6paragraph write to Promotion,Starbucks does not use advertising , such as television and radio newspaper,then Facebook is utilized primarily as an advertising medium.

7 paragraph write to Fairness, Starbucks is working on fair trade,Fair trade has given rise to significant economic effect .

8 paragraph write to Synergistic Relationships,It can be seen that the consideration to social responsibility one of key word in this paragraph is “steak holder”that transcend direct economic benefits,and CEO has joined synergistic forces in recent years.Starbucks create unique experience for instance  make comfort zone aside from work and home,and write key sentence “we aren’t in the coffee business, serving people.we are in the people business,serving coffee”(p 309)

Last paragraph write to conclusion,Starbucks to that mentioned above, was successful on a global expansion,Also to the problem it share  and created a unique solution

3 Assessment 

I was not foundthe keyword such a “third place”and “glocal” own  that we learned other article read until now, but I found sentence to suggest that keyword for instance comfort  place between the work and home,and management work place studiously.further more this article write about CEO activity and employments education in deep.           And this article easily write about Starbucks promotion, So now we understand  4P that basics of marketing,place/ price/product/promotion.

4 Reflection

This article’s problem is can not read the many pieces of the pages for viewing limit .However, there is easy to see the stomach article because it is organized for each paragraph.so I think this article useful our question.



One thought on “Lesson8:Annotated bibliography4

  1. Hi Yuka, thanks for sharing your entry. Here are some comments:

    Reference: Don’t capitalize all words.

    Summary: So, what are the main points of this article? I understand that you attempted to understand paragraph by paragraph, but make sure the main arguments of the authors.

    Assessment: According to the authors, what are Starbucks’ successful business strategies? You need to identify what they are through this article.



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