Lesson7:Annotated bibliography3

1 Reference

Talpau,A.&Boscor,D. (2011) Customer oriented marketing-a strategy that guarantees success:Starbucks and McDonald’s. Bulltin of the Transilvania University of Brasov,Vol.4,No.1,SeriesⅤ,Economic Sciences,PP51-58.


2 Summary 

This article written about how Starbucks  win the other competition.and this article written comparison Starbucks and Mc’Donald such as first article we read.both company’s crucial difference is companies are thinking what to cherish.In case of Mc’Donald  is Profit orientation before, and Starbucks is different, Starbucks is Customer orientation.But now,both companies are similar.  Mc’Donald had changed the thinking business strategy.

Current there are many many shop in the world.So if company will be success not only great products and goods, but also high level service.So Starbucks keep trying  grading up services.one of strategy is  Starbucks don’t  franchise management and to do  carefully management.It be able to involved in the deep  each region.Starbucks has a lot of store,Starbucks has about 17,000 stores in 2011 and they located in 50 countries.It makes  “Third place”where between the workplace and the home.also Starbucks create relaxed and private atmosphere.It makes “Third place”too.and get to come to the store to the customer they can make” Starbucks experience”.

authors(2011) said “the company should be structured and managed around the customer”

When customer thinking something, Starbucks To that of the more than seeking. It is run by thinking on the top of the customer’s needs is very important one of success strategy of Starbucks.

3 Assessment 

This article says importance of Ensuring positioning.

because this article was written by detail   information of marketing strategy.EspeciallyChapter3.

I found some of key word from this article ”Customer orientation”“by using their own cash flow”,”blanket an area completely” , and now Familiar word “third place” .” Starbucks experience”.

4 Reflection

I think this article is useful for resolution  our group topic “Starbucks’s unique business strategy” because this article included a lot of strategies.

And I could find point of article so far read articles.  That are atmosphere making,Service force,and Starbucks and McDonald’s are comparison in many article, so we are able to compare these company is little bit help our answer.



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