Lesson6 Annotated Bibliography2

1 Reference

Simon B(2009).Up Close in the Flat World: Learning about the Global at a Local Starbucks in Singapore pp1~20

2 Summary

STARBUCKS is the global company , this article treated  about STARBUCKS in Singapore.

Author picked up and read  Thomas Friedman who loves Singapore,and his book “The World Is Flat”. Starbucks in Holland Village is really  the Flat World. Most of the customers were women, their characteristic is well dressed . In addition in the inside of many customer stratums are “middle-class teen”  they are might study  American by going Starbucks and drinking venti size frappuccinos.On the other hand Orchard Road’s Starbucks.There are  49 stores across Singapore, Starbucks has become so familiar that

Author visiting more than 450 Starbucks,and learned each customers do different things,for example in downtown stores customers as much as 80 percent of the business. Customers in Central London ―grab and go‖ as well. In Japan, women are over-represented at Starbucks,and so on,each Starbucks are different shop for customers.

Next key word is “glocal”.Singapore has its own glocal Starbucks patterns.                           what happens to the flat world metaphor or the idea of the glocal? this is a complicated social and cultural category,People  visible to their parents and others in Singapore by going to Starbucks.

Often independent of the company that makes the goods and the advertisers who pitch them intended to happen.

For Friedman’s way of thinking is nothing wrong with eating a burger at McDonald‘s and drinking a coffee at Starbucks, By doing this the world will become the flatter.Drinking Starbucks it means drinking America.they are free to act like adults.One of the factors to think so English is the official language at Starbucks.Stick to in-store soundtrack music,It is American music. All the signs are in English,Teens are  longs to the United States,teens around the globe have looked to America as a beacon of freedom

For Malay teens Starbucks is their hang out and going to there means to escape from their parents and so on.Malay teens express their desires at Starbucks

Starbucks says “Make It Your Drink”

Going to Starbucks might be about the production of a Sunday self, not a Monday self,        it might also for who a person wants to be and who he or she will become. Wherever this performance happens. Not all the world is flat. Maybe it is a stage, all of us are actors, and all our purchases are props.Starbucks is one of the stage.

3 Assessment

This article says each Starbucks has each different point,In particular mention it about Starbucks in Singapore.

Author have visited a lot of Starbucks in the world, and he did SWOT analysis. Key word  is “glocal”It means Global and Local, Shop making tailored to its location.But it should be noted that Starbucks seems that left in any country the likelihood of the United States.  Because for teenager Starbucks is cool and attracted to the United States Value.for example Walking while drinking or studying with Frappuccino, so teenager going to the fashionable to Starbucks.

Reason is while incorporating, reason why Starbucks from this it has been successful in globalization.not only a strategy different by each of the countries but also  leaving the American , it can be said that the thing is making as a longing of place around the teenager  

4 Reflection

This article also comparison Starbucks and Macdonald, so again this two companies it is necessary to go than as a competitive.Mac is for a successful global strategy , made the products of the taste that suits each country . “Teriyaki burger” of Japan is just a it .    On the other hand, Starbucks is an emphasis on store atmosphere for the success of the global strategy .Exactly at it from such “third place” it means  between the house and the company,It was committed to private space structure.for example “Make It Your Drink”is be able to  drink a customized drink of my own in the only place their own.

And maybe we might need to decide whether we look at the strategy of in any country, because Starbucks strategy is enormous.






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