This week I found and read article “STARBUCKS MAINTAINING A CLEAR POSITION” about Starbucks  strategy of marketing.

This article is really long then I  choose page45~47 “CREATING AN INTEGRATED BRAND” especially”1990s – Embracing Growth”and “COMPETITION”

First paragraph It is said Starbucks installed a drive thorough window system ,

consumers reactions  is good and they are appreciated that convenience.

Therefore the system led to a rapidly increasing.The challenge became implementing the “3rd place”

“3rd place” is one of the Starbucks strategy.That mean is  to spend someone  time between home and work,

a drive thorough window is evactly to enable it, because space of inside a car is not his or his or her home but for that person car is able to relax space, in this sense inside a car is someone’s home. but also car is not really home,so inside a car it can be said that the “3rd place”.

Next paragraph written about starbucks competition, MCDONALD’s, DUNKIN DONUTS and PANERA BREAD COMPANY

First MCDONALD’s ploblem for Starbuks is MCDONALD’s had started McCafe.

This concept had the potential to alter MCDONALD’s image more toward evpensive coffee.

but still  MCDONALD’s price is lower than Starbuks.

Next one DUNKIN DONUTS.DUNKIN DONUTS pursued an aggressive grouth strategy that shited its positining to coffee, untill the DUNKIN DONUTS is not coffee.

DUNKIN DONUTS’s coffee make success it was made of the top selling of coffee by the cup close to one billion cups a year.and DUNKIN DONUTS good starategy is began offering free WiFi and pipled in music.It makes increasing consumers.

Last one is   PANERA BREAD COMPAN,It starategy point is quick serve food and hige end coffee with plaesant relaxing atomosphere,and also offering frr WiFi.

I read that arrticle then I lerned some  successful strategy.

I think strategy of successful  has been limited to a few,Therefore, the important thing is able to how notice the strategy of success and if the company can run it.

For example, one of the successful strategy offering to free WIFI, Now it  has also usually system at cafes and restaurants. But important think is  where is the first begun the system.people will gather there, in the first company to put the eye  strategy.

So important think is how soon notice successful strategy than any other company.

Thank you for reading.




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