Lesson3:Great Japanese Entrepreneurs Unit13(pp.73~78)

Our group decide to read unit 13″ Junzo Kashiyama ” He is manager of Onward Kashiyama  Co.

Our group are going to research Starbucks’s business strategy, Starbucks and Onward is both to Chain expansion, It’s because we decide to read this chapter.

When I read this unit, I learned why Onward company is  keep success.

Junzo Kashiyama‘s life is not always smooth.his father failed in business.

But Junzo Kashiyama was not succumb.

I read this chapter, then I found Junzo Kashiyama’s great point.

That is  his activity, his effort,hardworking and most great point is he has  ambitious.

By these point Onward company was successful.

He studies many things and he had gathered experience and knowhow to start, It is Beginning of company.

Kashiyama‘s company born to profit,but Kashiyama was  not satisfied enough.

His thinking and activity took another huge step forward.

Between the processes, people called him crazy, but he didn’t mind.also this his mental power become a company bigger.

And  lastly I give  Onward company’s successful reason.

IT is Onward company has Cleary three innovative strategy and motto, these strategies helped Onward promote its name to the public, and continued to grow and Kashiyama was never afraid of change.







2 thoughts on “Lesson3:Great Japanese Entrepreneurs Unit13(pp.73~78)

  1. Hi Yuka, what are the Onward’s strategies to make its business successful? Did you find some strategies in this passage? It may be useful for your research if you have them in the textbook chapter.



    1. Thank you for comments:)
      I read this textbook chapter when I write this article before, and I understand onward success reason is junzo himself,
      for example him efforts and I write this article.
      My article is not enough?


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