Lesson2:McDonald’s Success Strategy


This week’s lesson topic about company of McDonald.

Infact, McDonald  has a bad reputation in recently years In Japan.   

Because McDonald did Contamination program many time.

 I was shocking too when I heared this news.That news occered lose confidence of many costumer . 

But in all over the world, McDonald is really populer restaurant unchanged.

For a limited time only I avoid to eat at McDonald, but now I sometimes go to McDonald again.

McDonald’s fascination is when all is said and done overwhelming Cheaper goods, everything know that.

But I furthermore know about McDonald take lessons in. Especially I learned about why is   McDonald’s  so successful in foreign markets.

First of all, McDonald learn a great deal employee’s host country’s culture.

Why doing such a thing because McDonald has many many employee, who have each different back ground of ownself.  so for understanding an employee.

Second understanding and learning the culture of new market.and it is also very important that the country understand the company’s culture as well.

McDonald’s think important language too, 

As it can be seen from the above, McDonald’s company had heavy research what is the best for the each markets, 

Finally I write  McDonald’s  business successful key word, that is “Think global,act local”

Thank you for reeding:)









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