Lesson 1 ;Self-introduction

Great to meet you.

 I’m going to try write  a blog in English.

First my name is yuuka. I’m tall and shy girl.

I ‘m a Aoyama Gakuinn university sophomore student.

I study Business, my major is marketing.

I like  talking with friends and  family,

and  going to shopping, taking pictures. and many more!

Where I  often speak with my friends is cafe  at Omotesando.  

There has many nice spot. 

And I often going to Hollister for shopping, Hollister is  my favorite clothes shop.

I am good at playing volley ball ! I Enjoy in the volley  Circle.

Thanks for reading. 







2 thoughts on “Lesson 1 ;Self-introduction

    1. Thak you for comment✨
      Ok! first,my favorite cafe Dominique ansel bakery tokyo, this cafe’s flozen S’more is really yummy💗 and Second shop’s name ”pariya”This lunch menu is reasonable👌
      and so on.I want visit many more cafe among second graders✊


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